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Our Services

At Backup Energy, we look to cover a wide range of renewable energy services. If you already have energy projects either in planning or built, then let us help you with optimising these.


Below you can find information on how your land could have potential to venture in to promoting a better future with renewable energy. As well as offering consultancy for projects you have already ventured with, we may be able to help you over the finish line. 


Please do not hesitate to contact for further information. 


Have land with potential?

264 Manchester Road, Warrington, WA13RB


Energy Cost Saving

Providing effective strategies helping you reduce the costs of energy.


Feasibility Studies

Using our teams expert knowledge, to consider all aspects of your project and finding your path to success.


Planning Issues

Offering planning consultancy to overcome the hurdles your project is facing.


EV Charging Stations

The development of EV charging stations. Looking for land in well populated areas.


Battery + Generation

Connection of privately-owned electrical energy generation equipment to localised energy grids and distribution networks


Connection Issues

Providing solutions to your  connection and electricity issues.

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