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Battery Storage

25 acre site has been designated by Halton Council as being a site for renewable generation

In August 2022, NUKO Planning successfully attained planning permission for a 100MW battery storage facility in Halton (later increased to 150MW via a successful 96a NMA application).


Battery-stored electricity is an essential element of the UK’s renewable energy strategy. The facilities can store energy in times of surplus, releasing it back to the grid in times of high demand.  This also enables the operator to benefit from off-peak storage rates and higher, ‘on-peak’ re-sale prices.


The design team overcame challenging ecological considerations on the site by negotiating on-site improvements and mitigation and taking a collaborative approach with the Council to reach a resolution. 


The application (ref: was determined under delegated powers on 10th August 2022 (with a follow up NMA to increase capacity to 150MW approved in September).

Moving Forward:

The next phase is to include energy from waste and biomass plant.


Interested in this project?

264 Manchester Road, Warrington, WA13RB

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